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Drivers admit to stress behind the wheel, poll says

Stressed-out driving leads to unsafe behavior

A poll conducted by a British auto insurance company found that many people drive when stressed – even though respondents said that stress diminishes their ability to drive safely.

Forty-four percent of those polled said that they went for a drive to de-stress and clear their head.

But 45 percent of respondents feel that they’re less likely to remain focused on the road when the pressures of life are getting them down, and a striking 56 percent believe that stress makes them more prone to road rage.

The company consulted with a psychologist to develop strategies that help drivers cool down before they shift out of Park. The psychologist, David Moxon, suggests that stress is completely manageable, contrary to popular belief.

Moxon says that simply clenching and unclenching one’s muscles can help relieve stress immediately. Staying hydrated helps, too, he notes.

And he cautions stress sufferers to slow down. Walking and talking more slowly can help bring a sense of levity – and driving more slowly can increase road safety, potentially lowering auto insurance rates in the process.

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Posted: Octobor 22, 2009

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