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Too many people combine the process of shopping for auto insurance and buying it. Nobody likes to shop for auto insurance, but calling an agent or visiting the website of the first “big name” auto insurance company you can think of almost never leads to the best insurance policy for you. And even if it is the best policy, there’s no way for you to know it. Insurance company gimmicks are a dime a dozen. Many of these gimmicks do offer tangible benefits, but they’re designed to get you to buy a policy on the spot rather than seeing what other gimmicks and offers are out there. Shopping for auto insurance online will let see what’s available for auto insurance policies in an efficient and comprehensive way. Still skeptical? Take a look at the many benefits and protections offered through a reliable online referral service like NetQuote….

Shop for Auto Insurance with an Online Referral Service
The Internet has changed the ways companies do business, and as a result, it’s easier than ever for you to shop around for auto insurance from the convenience of your home. NetQuote can help you learn about how to effectively shop for auto insurance online, what to look for, and how to receive and choose the best auto insurance quote from competing companies. You can avoid the high pressure sales tactics that overwhelm many consumers. You can carefully consider different policy costs and benefits. You can comparison-shop in an atmosphere in which the insurer knows that it is in direct competition with other insurance companies. All of which leads to a better price for a better product.

Really, what we’re talking about here is a return to free market principles and the lynchpin of the free market itself –the informed consumer. To this end, we provide an entire database of general information, cost estimates, and insider tips. Moreover, we eliminate the worst mistakes right off the top by ensuring that you’re only connected with reputable, licensed insurers. Indirectly, NetQuote can even save you money no matter which company or policy you choose: Contacting insurance companies through an online referral service reduces overhead costs by eliminating the need for marketing and some of the highest commission-based insurance agents. And because these insurance companies are in direct competition with one another these lower overhead costs must, to a large extent, be passed on to the consumer for the company to remain cost-competitive.

Shopping for Auto Insurance: Premiums, Deductibles, Coverage, etc.
As much as the Internet has changed the way we shop for auto insurance, there are still several auto insurance fundamentals that have remained fairly constant over the years. The first areas you should look at when considering a specific auto insurance policy are the deductible levels and liability limits. These two policy areas will determine the extent of your financial protection. Choosing a policy with a $1,000 deductible means that you need to be prepared to pay this amount in the event that you’re responsible for property damage or bodily injury claims. Liability limits work at the other end of the spectrum. Should you be liable for $100,000 in bodily injury claims related to an auto collision, but your insurance policy has a liability limit of only $50,000, you will be personally responsible for making up the difference.

Naturally, these two areas are also the ones that have the biggest impact on the size of your premiums. This can lead to a choice between the proverbial rock and a hard place when shopping for auto insurance, but the lesser of two evils is usually clear when you consider the cost figures in relation to your own financial situation. Although cost is the primary factor for most auto insurance consumers, don’t completely ignore or dismiss other insurance concerns. The efficiency and reliability of the claims process, general customer service, supplemental coverage options, renewal guarantees, and long-term incentives should also be among the factors that help you decide which policy and insurance company is best for you.

Avoid Hesitation when You Shop for Auto Insurance
One of the reasons many people end up buying auto insurance from the first company they contact is they’ve waited until the last minute to start shopping for auto insurance. With an online referral service, even procrastinators have no excuse for waiting to shop for auto insurance. It takes but a few minutes to submit a free online request. Then, you can sit back and wait for your inbox and voicemail to fill up with contact information for individual sales reps and preliminary auto insurance quotes. Once you have all this information at the tip of your fingers, you can sift through the most promising leads, contact a few different insurance companies, and make a last-minute decision with virtually all the information and preparation of a consumer who spent weeks searching through the phonebook, TV ads, and insurance agents’ offices. Now that’s the right way to shop for auto insurance.

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