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App reads texts, lowering accident risk and auto insurance claims

Teen drivers report unsafe driving habits that could lead to more accidents and increased auto insurance claims

A new cell phone app, Drive, reads cell users’ text messages out loud, helping them keep their eyes on the road and reducing their risk of getting in accidents and filing auto insurance claims.

The app’s creator, iSpeech, provides text-to-speech services for bloggers and commercial websites. It is making Drive free to mobile phone users in an effort to reduce the chances that drivers will become distracted behind the wheel. A new feature, iSpeech says, is a “Speed Activated” mode that detects a car’s motion and automatically turns Drive on.

This week, the app was nominated for a Mashable Open Web Award in the Best Mobile App category. Heath Ahrens, creator of, said that he recommends that “everyone install, not because I work for the company behind it, but because I actually use it and it stops texting while driving.”

A Virginia Tech study of truckers’ habits found that text messaging while driving increased accident risk 23 times. Technologies that make texting safer can lead to better driver safety and fewer auto insurance claims.

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Posted: November 19, 2009

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