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GMAC Insurance Overview

Company Overview
GMAC Insurance companies are subsidiaries of GMAC Insurance Holdings Inc. GMAC has been in the insurance business since 1920.

GMAC Insurance serves a million customers, can boast of 14,000 independent agents throughout the country and employs in its offices 2,000 people. Together, the insurance companies under the GMAC Insurance umbrella constitute the 15th largest underwriting company in the United States. The companies under GMAC have operations in 33 states across the country.

Insurance Services and Products
GMAC Insurance has a number of different and wide ranging auto insurance policies to offer to its customers. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans are insured by GMAC. GMAC insures different types of bikes, such as: Touring bikes, Harley-Davidsons and Buells, Sport touring bikes, High performance bikes, ATVs including golf carts), Antique and classic bikes.

Financial Strength
GMAC Insurance has an assets base of over $ 100 billion. This huge assets accumulation makes the company one of the most respected and financially stable corporations in the country.

GMAC is rated A+ by A M Best Company. Information on the AM Best rating system and how it is determined)

Motorcycle Insurance
As well as the automobile sector, in the motorcycle industry, GMAC has a very strong presence. The company understands that motorcycles are a passion with many people, and not just a vehicle. GMAC treats this niche sector of the auto insurance market with great care. They try to offer the enthusiasts with the best possible insurance policy at the most attractive price. GMAC Insurance is, in addition to being an insurer of motorcycles, is also member of two of the premier motorcycle associations in the country: the Motorcycle Industry Council MIC) and the American Motorcyclist Association AMA), organizations which are committed to protect the right of motorcyclists.

GMAC, in the event of a collision, provides $2.50 as free coverage for helmet replacement. To drivers who have completed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, GMAC offers special discounts.

Customer Support and Service
GMAC Insurance tries to support their customers with hassle-free auto insurance. It helps its customers in understanding their exact requirements and buy the proper insurance policy in accordance with their needs. Thus, with GMAC, the company says, buying insurance is not as costly an affair as with some of the other insurance companies in the market.

The GMAC has call center support, online presence and direct contact services for the customers’ benefit. Premiums can be paid online and details regarding the customer’s policy can be reviewed through a secure line after logging in. An online insurance quote can also be received through GMAC online services.

GMAC Insurance supports a fast claims service. A claim can be lodged with the company around the clock, 365 days.

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