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The first rule when looking for cheap car insurance, so say experts, is to shop around to make sure that you get the best deal. And the best way to do this would be to buy your car insurance online. Most of our insurance experts agree that a majority of consumers in the US overpay on their car insurance policies because of a lack of adequate information and insufficient knowledge about the workings of the insurance industry. Whereas, when you go online to find cheap auto insurance quotes, you eliminate the problem because all the information you need is at hand without you having to ask anybody. Most importantly, you can obtain multiple auto insurance quotes absolutely free of cost and compare them at your leisure without being pressured to accept any one insurance policy.

Keep Your Insurance Policy Updated
Besides shopping online, there are other ways to find cheap car insurance, most of them linked to the many factors that go into determining car insurance rates. Veteran insurance advisor Clark Mendes advises customers to constantly keep their insurance companies updated about any changes in their situation. “For instance, if you have changed jobs and now work from home, this means you no longer drive to work. That should automatically make you eligible for a lower premium,” says Mendes.

Similarly, when Mendes’ teenage daughter moved away from their Atlanta home to attend school at UCLA a distance of nearly 3,000 miles), she was eligible for a discount on her insurance policy. As you probably know, any teenage driver who moves more than 100 miles away without a car is eligible for an insurance discount.

Additionally, young married couples can reap the benefits of combined auto insurance policies depending on what their insurance company is offering. Once again, to find cheap car insurance, the best place to look is the Internet. Also, some US states stipulate that these who take defensive driving are eligible for discounts.

More Ways to Find Cheap Car Insurance
In some cases, increasing your comprehensive and collision deductibles can save you quite a lot of money on your insurance. However, before you do so, you need to make sure that you are saving a decent amount and don’t have to pay a significantly higher rate when you file an insurance claim. Simply put, if you raise your deductible from $500 to $1,000 and it lowers your insurance $50 per six months, you save only $100 per annum, which is hardly worthwhile. However, if you save $250-300 every year, raising your deductible would be worth it.

Another way to find cheap car insurance is to see if you can combine your car and home insurance policies. This will make you eligible for a multi policy discount with your existing insurance company, which could be a substantial amount.

Remember, the auto insurance industry is extremely competitive and will go all out to woo customers, especially new ones. So change your insurance company if you must, but don’t settle for unfair deals. Cheap car insurance is within your reach when you can find cheap car insurance quotes!

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