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Esurance Insurance Overview

Company Overview
White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. is the mother holding company to which Esurance Insurance is a subsidiary. Esurance Insurance Company and Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company, both, have an A Excellent) rating from A.M. Best and Company, a leading insurance company ranking agency. Information on the AM Best rating system and how it is determined)

The objective of the Esurance Insurance Company is providing consumers with easy and affordable auto insurance. Esurance tries not to keep their customers confused in a soup of esoteric insurance terms. Their objective is to make available for every customer, an easy navigation through insurance coverage options.

In fact, keeping this basic principle in mind, Esurance Insurance has created a detailed section on it’s website dealing with the finer prints regarding insurance knowledge.

On the Esurance Insurance website, there can be found a detailed FAQ section regarding automobile insurance topics. There is also an interactive Coverage Counselor that helps users to locate the exact policy they are looking for.

Community Programs
The approach of Esurance towards business is slightly different from other corporations. Esurance sponsors baseball teams in San Francisco, Sacramento, Sioux Falls, Clearwater and Fort Worth. The company sponsors a Tennis player and donates to many sports facilities and tournaments around the country to foster an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Esurance also donates computers to schools, sponsors organizations empowering women, and funds Boys’ Hope, Girl’s Hope, Urban Service YMCA etc. organizations.

Innovation and Service
Esurance Insurance, not unlike most other big insurance firms, provide full online support for their customers. Along with the regular telephone and through personnel systems, a customer with Esurance can actually buy off a policy directly from the Esurance website, post online claims and pay the premium from the comfort of his home.

In fact, the complete digitization of insurance paperwork at Esurance has made it easy for the customer to lose important insurance documents and not mind about it much. Since anything from insurance cards to other important papers can be downloaded and printed from the policyholder’s membership account from anywhere in the globe where there is net accessibility.

Such innovations in technology has made Esurance Insurance a future savvy corporation and at par with any other large insurance businesses. At the same time, direct selling of insurance policies through their website has an extra benefit for the customers. It cuts the cost for the company and therefore, the company can offer a part of that saving back to the consumer as discount, making Esurance one of the most affordable auto insurance providers in the country.

The main difference between Esurance Insurance and other providers of insurance over the Internet is that, Esurance is primarily an internet-based insurance provider. This, the company maintains, gives the edge to Esurance in specialized expertise.

However, if someone prefers to talk with a person, Esurance has customer service and automobile insurance claims centers around the country providing around the clock support.

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