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Consult the Basic Driving Rules of Your State’s DMV Before You Hit the Gas

Driving on the roads anywhere is not a matter of trouble if you are aware of the laws of the land. Before you are ready to get behind the wheel and paint the town red, do take some time out and read the “Driver’s Manual and Study Guide” provided by your state DMV. The manual contains the basic driving rules stipulated by the DMV of each state. Each of the 50 states has different traffic and driving laws. If you are a new driver, you should consult the state DMV Manual. If you are planning to take a driving test to obtain a license, the reference of the guide is a must because it will help you to pass the written as well as the practical exam of driving. Even if you are a seasoned driver, in the event of you moving to a new state, you should consult the DMV Manual to brush up on the traffic rules of the state. Each chapter of the manual provides you with a practice quiz which will help you to test your understanding. As a new driver in the state, you can also get help from the DMV website of that state to know about specific legal requirements and speed limits because they can vary greatly from one state to the other.

If you are to cross the border of a particular state, mind your speed limit and other rules. You should know in advance the basic driving rules of the DMV, regarding where, when and how fast you can drive in the state you are in. These basic driving rules are designed to maintain the safety of you as well as others on the road. Go through the DMV pages of the concerned state to know the basic driving rules with regard to traffic control devices, right-of-ways, and parking.

The members of the American Automobile Association commonly referred to as “Triple A” get a number of benefits. They include road maps and driving guides. If you are a new driver, use these facilities offered by the motor clubs; they prove to be particularly useful when you are taking up a cross border driving.

The basic driving rules regarding driving in rain varies with each state. In some US states the basic driving rules from the DMV require you to use headlights when it is raining. In other states it is not mandatory.

The DMV provides special safety measures when you are driving with family and the children. Especially when there are young children in the car, you should be careful that the car is provided with proper child car travel restraints.

Finally, remember you can never legally drive in the US under the control of alcohol and drugs, and if the blood alcohol content BAC) is more than 0.08% you may be restricted from driving. So the next time you plan to attend a party, make sure a sober friend is there to take you home.

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