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Devices could help California drivers with better auto insurance rates

California is one of the latest states to consider ignition locks for those convicted of DUI offenses.

Drivers in California may soon benefit from improved safety and lower auto insurance rates in light of a bill that was recently signed into law.

The legislation that was signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would introduce a pilot project in some counties, including Los Angeles, where those convicted of a DUI offense would be required to have ignition lock devices installed on their vehicles.

“We have the technology that can help prevent drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking, and we should be using it for first time offenders,” said state lawmaker Mike Feuer, who introduced the bill.

According to Feuer’s website, California courts already have the option to order breath analysis-based ignition locks to be installed on a vehicle, and that the current program would use the device to replace a license restriction.

The vehicle would not start if any alcohol is detected on a driver’s breath, which could help avoid future drunk driving incidents, as well as arrests. With safer roads, one possible outcome in the longer term could be lower auto insurance rates if the program is deemed successful.

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Posted: Octobor 12, 2009

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