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Teen drivers need to be careful in winter to lower accident risk and auto insurance costs

Teenagers are more likely to be unsafe drivers, and their lack of experience means they should take extra precautions to avoid accidents and auto insurance claims

Teenagers are statistically accident-prone, and they need to be careful when driving in winter so they don’t incur accidents and have to file auto insurance claims.

That’s according to the research institute of a major U.S. auto insurance company, which quotes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in saying that accidents are 36 percent more likely to occur in January than July.

Because teenagers are more likely to be unsafe drivers – 39 percent speed, 37 percent talk on a cell phone and 30 percent send texts, according to a Students Against Destructive Decisions survey – they need to be extra-careful in winter.

In addition to slowing down, teen drivers should turn on their headlights and make their intentions clear. Extra distance between cars is a requisite, and teens should stay informed about weather conditions.

Importantly, “parents need to promote and enforce safe driving habits to keep their teens safe,” said Dave Melton, a driving safety expert with the research institute.

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Posted: December 28, 2009

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