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Impress dad on Sunday with new car know-how

Regardless of insurance quotes, let dad dream about new cars on his big day

Most sons and daughters won’t be purchasing dad a new car and accompanying auto insurance plan for Father’s Day. In fact, it’s likely dad who pays for them on his car insurance.

But this Sunday, over coffee and a donut, impress dad with knowledge of the latest makes and models on the road – maybe he’ll be so impressed he’ll head out and pick one up.

According to recommendations from senior editor David Thomas, there are tons of choices on the lots today for dads that want something racy or reliable.

“As an automotive journalist, the criteria for what makes a car good dramatically changes once children are thrown into the equation,” Thomas said. “I went through this metamorphosis last year, and I’ve been casually detailing how my children fit into what I drive every week.”

For fathers on a budget, Thomas points out the Hyundai Elantra Touring and the Honda Fit. However, for dads looking for a bit more zip, talk up the Infiniti G37 or the Mercedes-Benz CL550, he notes.

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Posted: June 19, 2009

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