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The Rising Costs of Car Insurance Rates

There’s just no way around it. If you drive, you have to carry auto insurance. And it seems that every car insurance rate is going in only one direction: up. Maybe you as one individual can’t do much about these industry costs, but there are a few things you can to regain some control over what you have to pay. That means knowing how to negotiate the best car insurance rate for you.

  • Understand the tradeoffs. It’s the most basic law of car insurance. The more you save on premiums, the more you increase your potential financial risk. Don’t pay extra for low deductibles and skimp on liability coverage. Instead, raise your deductible and increase your liability coverage. Your premiums should remain roughly the same, but your peace of mind will increase dramatically.
  • Keep tabs on your credit rating. Any insurance company worth its salt will want to examine your credit report before offering you a favorable car insurance rate. You’ll be rewarded for your good financial management. That should give you plenty of motivation to pay your bills on time and stay within your credit limits.

Don’t Settle for the First Car Insurance Quote

  • Shop around. Just as you don’t automatically pay the sticker price for a new car, you shouldn’t settle for the first insurance quote you get. You might end up paying more than double for the same insurance from another agent.
  • Don’t pay twice for the same coverage. Do you really need personal injury protection medical payments coverage)? If you have health insurance for yourself and your family, your medical bills should be covered in the event of an accident.
  • Ask about car insurance discounts. Do you have a long record of accident-free and ticket-free driving? Do you put low mileage on your car each year? Does your car have safety features like antilock brakes or an antitheft device? Most companies will take those factors into consideration when calculating your car insurance rate.

Put the brakes on rising premiums. Be a smart shopper … know how to negotiate a lower car insurance rate for yourself.

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