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Car Insurance Quotes for Older Drivers

Auto insurance rates for older drivers can be lower than those of younger drivers. This is due to the fact that historically, older drivers have less accidents and drive less often. Yes, older drivers can be just as dangerous as younger drivers, but overall they are less of a risk and therefore get cheap auto insurance rates. There are also special options for older drivers, who may have extra vehicles or other special needs.

Getting Auto Insurance Online

Older drivers can find cheap car insurance rates online. They simply type in some basic information and are presented with auto insurance quotes from a number of different providers from across the nation. They can then apply directly with the issuing company, so their personal information is never compromised. Many of these providers offer special discounts and policies for older drivers.

Special Discounts for Older Drivers

When you are getting auto insurance online, be sure to inquire with the issuing agent or company to receive the best benefits. Here are some possible options from online auto insurance companies:

Low Mileage Discount: As an older driver perhaps you aren't on the roads as much as you used to. Or, maybe you take the bus or live in an assisted living facility where everything you need is within the building. Whatever the reason, if you are driving very few miles each year, ask about a low mileage discount.  Some low mileage discounts can be applied for drivers that travel less than 1000 miles per year.

Multiple Coverage Discount: Many retirees have invested in motor-homes to travel across the country. If you have multiple vehicles, ask about a multi-car discount from the online auto insurance company. You may also get discounts for getting your home, life or health insurance from the same company.

Membership Discount: Be sure to ask if the online auto insurance company offers any discounts for senior citizen groups. Some discounts are given to members of AARP, AAA and other popular senior organizations.

Safe Driving Discount: After so many years on the road, you either have a stellar driving record, or one dotted with mishaps. If you are lucky enough to have a good, clean driving record, be sure to ask for a safe-driver discount. Also, you may qualify for "first accident forgiveness." That is, if you are in your first accident in a number of years, you may have that accident "forgiven" and your auto insurance rates will not increase.

Classic Car Insurance for Older Drivers

Many older drivers now own vehicles that may be considered classics. In fact, any car over 20 years old is technically considered a classic in the eyes of auto insurance companies. If you are driving a "classic" car with the intent of protecting it for many years to come as an investment, then you should look into classic car coverage. This coverage will cover loss or damage to a collector car or truck in terms of "true value." That is, you can get special coverage which will reimburse you the actual value of the vehicle should it be lost, stolen or destroyed. This type of insurance is separate from your regular auto insurance policy.

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