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Cheap Car Insurance for Collision Coverage – Worth the Dollars?

Many consumers complain about the high costs of insuring a car, and are looking for ways to get cheap car insurance that is more than just liability coverage. Individuals and households are taking the extra time to find cheap car insurance these days, without compromising quality, coverage or customer service.

So what’s involved in getting cheap car insurance premiums? Well, part of your costs involves what goes beyond the ‘basics’ liability insurance mandated by the government. “Extras” in car insurance ratchet up the price of your payments, but in some cases, it’s worth getting additional auto insurance for a collision. In some cases, a driver has to have collision insurance: if you are paying off a car, part of the deal is to provide the collision insurance so that nobody gets the short end of the stick if something happens to that vehicle. But if you own your car “free and clear”, you decide if collision coverage is worth the money, based on whether you have a friend in a body shop, or any other way to get around sky-high repair costs from routine accidents.

Collision insurance is how drivers get insured for the cost of fixing a vehicle in a collision. Where basic liability pays for damage to another car, collision pays for damage to YOUR car, and like other types of insurance, there are different ways to get this deal done. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, collision coverage isn’t generally cheap, but by looking at various ‘adjustable’ factors, you can bring collision premiums down into the cheap car insurance.

Collision Auto Insurance: Basic Options

One huge difference in collision insurance premiums is in whether or not your collision auto insurance pays for accidents where you are classified as “at fault”. You’ve seen people photographing cars after accidents, to determine who caused the fender bender. That’s because the facts of the case make a lot of difference in who is going to pay. If you have what’s called Standard Form collision insurance, you’ll get coverage whether or not it was your fault. But, if you purchase what’s called Limited Form auto insurance, it will be up to you to prove you weren’t to blame, if you don’t want to be responsible for the costs of damage to your car.

Other Collision Auto Insurance Policy Features: Deductibles

Here’s another way to fix your collision coverage costs: use a sliding deductible to change your premiums. The premium vs. deductible issue is the same for many different types of auto insurance. Essentially, you’re betting on or against the chances of an accident. If you have a high deductible, you’ll have to pay more when there is an accident, before the insurance company will start picking up the tab. But if you don’t have a deductible, you’ll be paying a lot every month. The choice is entirely up to you. Amounts available for deductibles range from 250$ to $500 or even $1000 dollars, with some policies offering an even higher deductible.

More On Collision Coverage In Auto Insurance Quotes

Insurance companies provide different ways of assessing what your car is worth. Either way, we all know that in many cases, paying for each door and window in a body shop will cost much more than the value of your entire car. That’s why it pays to ask questions when you’re signing on the dotted line to see what the company will pay out in a collision, so you can get back behind the wheel and stay on the road. Being a savvy shopper for collision coverage in auto insurance via can save you money!

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