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Compare Auto Insurance Rates

It’s more important than ever to make smart, informed decisions about your car insurance needs. Any time is the right time to do some auto insurance comparison shopping online. By using websites such as NetQuote, you’re able to receive multiple auto insurance quotes from competing insurance companies, ones that may offer you significant savings over your current policy.

In some areas of the country, typical car insurance quotes have decreased by as much as 10% over the past few months. According to one report, the average consumer was quoted an annual auto insurance premium of $2,323 in the first half of 2005. That’s $43, or 1.8%, less than the national average annual premium quoted in 2004. This may not sound like much of a decrease, but it comes as good news after a 6% increase in annual car insurance quotes from 2003 to 2004.

Keep these points in mind when car insurance comparison shopping.

Keep Your Current Policy Handy

Remember that car insurance premiums can vary from carrier to carrier for the same type of policy and vehicle. The process of auto insurance comparison can go quickly if you have all the necessary information on hand including your existing policy, driver’s license and social security number. And remember to specify the identical coverage, referencing your current policy, with each insurer so you have a solid basis for comparison.

In order to provide accurate car insurance quotes, insurers will ask you questions about your car and its driver or drivers. After receiving quotes from multiple carriers, print copies of them for a side-by-side comparison to see if the policies match. If they don’t, ask why not.

Be Safe, Be informed

Even if you think the rate you’re paying is excessive, don’t cancel your current policy before you’ve signed another one. Driving while uninsured is a risk you and your family should never take.

Although you may turn to friends, colleagues, and neighbors for advice, it’s critical to turn to the professionals, the agents, to provide you with factual information you can use in making your decision. There are lots of insurance companies out there, and they want your business. Be smart and selective, and take advantage of websites like NetQuote to conduct your auto insurance comparison shopping online.

It’s easy to shop and compare car insurance rates online – get your free auto insurance quotes today.

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