Instant Car Insurance Quote: Snap Your Fingers and Save

Have you ever wanted to buy something, or ask a question because you have a problem with something you bought, and you end up on hold for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or longer? You can forget those shudder-inducing service faux pas when you look for an instant car insurance quote. No elevator music. No computer-generated voices. Simply input your basic information and you can find premiums online in minutes.

Tell Them What You Want

What's the best part of searching for car insurance online? You don't have to answer interminable questions or go through the usual rigmarole. All you need is some basic information about your car, where you live, and how many miles you average per year. That's essentially all you need for an instant car insurance quote. The important thing here is that what you want is the determining factor, rather than what an insurer wants to know about you. If you want extensive collision coverage, say so. If you want to add your spouse to the policy, say so. You can find quotes for the coverage you want in minutes.

Compare in an Instant

Don't stop at one offer. The real advantage to looking online for a car insurance policy is that you can find multiple quotes at once. An instant car insurance quote is great, but seeing dozens of quotes is even better. You can see, side by side, what companies are willing to offer, and weigh which coverage makes sense for you at the offered premiums. You'll devote your time to carefully considering what you want, rather than searching for options.

No Need to Buy

An instant car insurance quote carries no obligation to buy. It's simply a chance to gather knowledge. A 35-year-old man who drives a Toyota Camry 15,000 miles a year wants to know how much he can save if he buys a car alarm. Or a 41-year-old woman is curious if the premium for her 2006 Saturn Vue will rise significantly after a speeding ticket. They can get an idea for their premiums right away without divulging things like credit card information, social security number, or income. So there's no danger in looking, no damage to credit rating, or any other adverse effects.

Look First, Then Save

When you buy a new car, or go through a major life change such as marriage, you may want to know right away what kind of premium you can get for car insurance. Search online and you can get an instant car insurance quote. To get multiple quotes just as fast, turn to a free service like You can see what insurance companies are willing to offer. Once you've reviewed the options, you can decide to purchase when you're ready.