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Questions to Ask Your Agent About Your Car Insurance Policy

Getting a quote for car insurance is the first step toward improving your coverage and saving money. Now is the opportune time to compare rates and coverage and make an informed decision.

Choosing the auto insurance policy that is best for you is not an easy task – this is why personal contact with agents is so helpful. When talking to the agent, remember to ask the agent to clarify any issues that will help you decide which auto insurance policy is right for you and your family.

Not sure what to ask? Following are a few questions you should ask your agent to ensure you select the right coverage for your situation:

Who is covered by my policy while driving my car?
Is it just you? Are you married? Do you have driving-age children? An important step in insurance shopping is knowing exactly for whom you are shopping. An agent will help you understand who is and isn’t covered under your auto insurance policy.

Who is covered by my policy while driving a car not owned by me?
Whether you are single, married or in a house full of drivers, you will need to know who is covered under your policy while driving other cars. Be sure to ask your agent if and how your auto insurance policy applies if you borrow or rent a car.

Are “multi-line” discounts available?
In addition to auto insurance, most people need other policies such as homeowners, renters, personal umbrella or boat insurance. Ask your agent about a multi-line discount, which is when you have multiple differing policies with a single insurance company (for example, your home and auto policy). Insuring multiple products with a company can save money.

If I buy a new car and have an accident will my insurance apply?
People buy, trade, sell and replace cars all the time. While many insurance policies will extend your coverage to a newly acquired auto, the time limit for the extension is usually limited. Ask your agent how your insurance will apply to a new car and for how long.

Can I cancel my auto insurance policy anytime?
As the policyholder, you have the right to cancel your policy. However, going without insurance for any period of time can have an impact on future premiums. Ask your agent about the effects of early cancellation.

What is “Physical Damage Coverage”?
Physical damage coverage covers the cost to repair or replace your vehicle after a loss. It has two parts: Collision coverage pays for damages resulting from collisions with other vehicles or objects.

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