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Did you know that nearly 25% of car owners in the US renew their car insurance policies without negotiating a better deal? According to industry experts, the new premium may be as much as 10% more than the earlier one. In most cases, however, policy owners are either hard pressed for time or just plain reluctant to spend energy looking for affordable car insurance. This apathy–forced or otherwise–is a big reason why car insurance companies offer affordable car insurance rates only to new customers to lure them. They know existing customers will continue with them anyway.

Affordable Car Insurance is a Click Away
You may be among those car owners looking for affordable car insurance rates without having to spend hours looking around various insurance companies or poring over newspaper adverts. If so, may we suggest the Internet as your happy hunting ground? Numerous studies have revealed that if you shop for car insurance on the Internet, you can save as much as $100 on the premium, in addition to the online discount. Globally, it is estimated that nearly 250 million car owners find affordable car insurance rates online and also decide to buy online. A major reason for this is that the Internet is fast, simple to use, and a storehouse of comprehensive information.

Given the fierce competition among car insurance companies, you are certain to find affordable car insurance rates if your search is thorough. And the Internet, unlike all other media, is a one-stop shop where you can gather information and quotes from every reputable insurance company in the world. All you do is either visit company websites or check out the numerous comparison websites. Not only will you get instant quotes, but you will also find loads of information and advice on what type of car insurance to buy for which driver. And once you have made your choice, all you need to do is fill out a simple application form online and affordable car insurance is yours.

Ask For Discounts
Car insurance companies have introduced numerous attractive offers for first-time insurance buyers, and the best place to find this affordable car insurance is on the Internet. The industry is no longer limited to individual car insurance, and it is now possible, in some cases, to buy multi-car coverage as well. You are likely to find information on whether you are eligible for a discount based on your age, driving record, and car model.

Also, when you go online, you also receive a lot of help in understanding car insurance lingo, which will go a long way in locating affordable car insurance. There are numerous articles and web sites dedicated to deciphering common insurance terms like deductible, liability, and other words that affect your decision in finding affordable auto insurance rates.

Therefore, the next time your car insurance policy is up for renewal, don’t hesitate to log on and find affordable car insurance. Remember, when it comes to finding affordable car insurance, loyalty is not always rewarded, so don’t let your insurance company take you for a ride.

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