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Insurance Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?
NetQuote pays for every application a consumer completes that was referred from your affiliatesite. You have the choice of getting paid through either a monthly mailed check or our direct deposit program. Both programs are available for you from the start of your account, the direct deposit program requires affiliates to turn in an additional form after the account is created.

When do I get paid?
Your payment will be received within fifteen days after the end of each calendar month. You have the option to join our direct deposit program where you can see your money in your account as soon as the 8th of the month.

Can I track my performance?
Absolutely. With our state-of-the-art tracking system you can keep track of the performance of every single link you set-up. Your account’s statistics are updated throughout the course of the day.

Does NetQuote offer its service across the United States?
Yes. NetQuote has the ability to pay affiliates for traffic from all 50 states for each of its insurance product categories.

How do I sign up?
Signing up for NetQuote’s affliate program is easy. Tell us a little about yourself and immediately you’ll be able to start driving traffic.

Please provide a valid zip code.