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NetQuote is this place for you to save on home insurance quotes. We have been online longer than any other quote provider, we have the nation’s largest network of approved insurance agents, and we are completely free for you to use. When you are able to compare home insurance quotes side-by-side with all the majors companies, you get the power of savings. Only at NetQuote.

  • Since 1989 we have served 36 million customers looking to save on insurance.
  • Over 20,000 agents in our nationwide network.
  • We offer quotes from every major insurance provider in the country.
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NetQuote.com is a leading online marketplace connecting consumers with insurance companies, and we do not provide quotes directly to consumers. NetQuote.com does not provide insurance nor are we a licensed insurance provider.

The lowest advertised rates are not necessarily available from all advertisers on our site. NetQuote.com matches users to advertisers and insurance agents only after we've received certain information from you, and your rates may vary based on your education, occupation, type of vehicle, coverage limits, deductibles, driving history, and location, among other factors.

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