Save Money on Your Home Business Insurance

If you operate a business from your home, you may be aware that typical homeowner's policies won't be enough to cover your business losses if your home is damaged or destroyed in a fire or similar incident. You need an additional home business insurance policy to cover your office furniture, your equipment and any products that you sell. You may also want some additional coverages for your home business such as liability insurance, disability insurance and business interruption insurance.

Before you start thinking that you can't possibly afford all these home business insurance coverages, consider that there are several ways that you can reduce your premiums.

Reducing Your Premium Costs for Home Business Insurance
Start your search for the best rates and coverages by shopping around and comparing policy coverages and premiums from several different companies. You might think that all companies offer essentially the same coverage at the same price, but that's not the case. Rates on similar policies offered by different insurers can vary by hundreds of dollars.

Consider purchasing a policy with a higher deductible. If you can afford to spend $1,000, $2,000 or more if you suffer a covered loss, you can get fairly substantial reductions in your yearly premiums.

Ask if you're entitled to any discounts on your home business insurance policy. Some insurers will reduce your rates if you have other policies homeowner's, auto, even life insurance) with them. Are you a member of any professional organization? Some insurers may give you a break on your premiums simply for belonging.

Look for an all-in-one package. Some insurers offer home business insurance packages that offer combined property and liability coverages at a rate lower than what they would charge for individual policies.

The Easy Way to Compare Costs of Home Business Insurance
It's not as hard as you might think to compare the costs of policies that will cover your home business. Just go to, enter information about your business and wait for quotes from several insurance agents in your area. eliminates the need for calls and call-backs) to many different agents; it does the legwork for you, getting you the quotes that you need so that you can find the right insurance coverages at a good price.

See how much you could save today on your home insurance. Get your free home insurance quotes today!