Frequently Asked Insurance Agent Questions

How long before I receive my first lead?

You will receive your first leads as soon as the payment has been processed and your account has been created.

What happens if I receive a bad lead? How long do I have to dispute a bad lead and will I be credited for the invalid lead?

We will be happy to replace a lead right away if the customer provided us with the wrong contact information, the lead is a duplicate from a previous list we've sent you, or if the potential customer claims that he or she has not made an inquiry about insurance.

What type of insurance leads do you offer?

NetQuote offers several high quality types of insurance leads, including auto, home, life leads, renters, health insurance leads, business and even mortgage protection. Pricing for each lead type can vary of lead volume, chosen geographical areas and other criteria. Contact us to learn what lead types will help you grow your business and best fit your needs.

How fresh are the leads you provide?

The leads provided by NetQuote are posted in real time, meaning that as soon as a customer clicks submit on our or one of our partners' websites, that information is automatically entered into the data base and then made available for immediate follow up.

What lead to closing ratio should I expect?

While this mostly depends on the person closing the deal, our clients typically have a 15% - 20% success rate. Be sure to call the lead right away and be persistent. For additional tips on improving conversion rates, please visit our Agent Resource Center.

What happens if I did not get a lead that I purchased?

If for any reason you haven't received a lead or set of leads, we'll be happy to look into the issue and resend them to you or assist you with the downloading those leads from our website. You are also able to download the leads you purchased in multiple places from within your account.

What's the difference between NetQuote Leads and other lead referral companies?

While there are many similar online insurance lead programs that are available, NetQuote is different because of our proprietary lead-filtering technology. Being in the insurance business since 1989, we understand how insurance works and have invested much time and money into building a better lead system that is designed to filter out low-quality leads and misinformation that will not convert. This ensures you are not wasting valuable marketing dollars on fake leads or leads from consumers that are not ready to buy.

Do I have to pay up front for my leads?

Yes. We require that you pay for the leads on a monthly basis in the beginning of your cycle.

Do I have to sign a contract?

At NetQuote, we do not require sign-up fees or annual contracts. You will pay for your leads on a month to month basis. We also offer several different levels of membership including silver, gold, and platinum that include additional member benefits.

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