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NetQuote is revolutionizing how people buy and sell insurance

After being a part of the insurance business for almost 25 years, we understand how the agencies operate in the traditional sense. We also understand how the Internet has really changed the insurance landscape as well as insurance leads service.

At NetQuote, we’ve refined our process of connecting quality customers to experienced local agencies to weed out under-qualified leads, deliver the best possible sources, and make the entire process easy to use. By simplifying how customers find insurance agents online, we maximize the potential of motivated self-selected customers to find the right agent for the right price.

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About NetQuote’s Lead System

NetQuote helps insurance agents lower marketing costs while increasing conversion rates and sales with the following process:

  • NetQuote spends more than $60 million annually to drive consumers to our website, ensuring that when consumers search online for insurance they find
  • Consumers complete our online insurance quote request. By using our
    extensive screening process, we filter out undesirable customers and fake leads and only deliver the best quality leads.
  • NetQuote matches the consumer’s needs to the agent’s targeted lead type and location requirements. Never lose a sale because of their location or insurance type not being in your area of expertise.
  • NetQuote connects you to consumers by providing your contact information to them and then submitting the insurance lead details to you. When you decide to contact your leads to discuss their insurance and pricing options, they’ll be eager to talk.
  • You connect with the consumer to provide options and a quote and work to close the business. You’ll have enough information from our screening process to make a detailed pitch and deliver exactly what your lead wants


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Rise above the competition by reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to find new customers, lower your sales and marketing costs, close more business faster, and gain valuable referral business from those new customers.

When you join our nationwide network of NetQuote Agents, you can start closing new sales from our insurance leads today. We believe in and guarantee our insurance lead service and are confident that you’ll be satisfied with our screened and self-selected customers as a way to help grow your insurance agency business.

Whether it is home insurance, car insurance, or health leads, our system provides one central source to purchase quality, relevant leads . All of our techniques and systems work seamlessly together in order to deliver the best possible insurance leads for agents. By investing even a small amount of time on following up with our leads, you’ll be able to amplify your marketing and sales efforts and grow your business.

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What Our Agents Say
  • "We have been using NetQuote leads since 2004. They are the primary source of our business. The leads from NetQuote are by far, the best quality leads in the industry. Our business has increased 400% since we began receiving leads from your service!"

    - Chris C., Illinois Agent
  • "I have been a customer of NetQuote for almost 5yrs and they are a vital part of growing my business in a quick and efficient manner. NetQuote is my #1 source of new business and would recommend their services."

    - Patrick G., Florida Agent
  • "I love these leads. I have tried many other companies and none compare to NetQuote. Now instead of worrying about marketing, we rely on NetQuote to handle attracting prospects for us so we can focus on growing our sales and company. Thank you are a large part of our success and growth!"

    - Jason E., Florida Agent